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This stay is designed for adults and children who suffered from COVID-19 in the past. Its purpose is to improve respiratory efficiency, circulatory and exercise capabilities, as well as to provide support in the scope of mental health.

This program provides therapeutic effects to people whose health condition would deteriorate in the case of stopping the rehabilitation measures.

Furthermore, it will create the basis for developing the habits necessary in order to regain, as well as maintain full mental and physical fitness. In order to achieve the best therapeutic efficiency, the patients (to whom this program is addressed) should be covered by a comprehensive therapeutic program with multidirectional impact.

This therapeutic rehabilitation consists of the measures aimed at:

  • determination and implementation of a therapeutic program via stimulation and shaping of motivation to return to the full mental and physical fitness,
  • strengthening of the desired patterns and activities,
  • shaping an active attitude during treatment,
  • perceiving rehabilitation as the beginning of the process of changes,
  • learning basic behaviours and exercises that can be performed at home.


The Post-COVID Therapeutic Rehabilitation Profile is designed for all people who have recovered from COVID-19, but have certain difficulties in the scope of returning to their daily duties. The analyses of health condition after COVID-19 indicate that patients can be divided into those who struggle with:

  • numerous complications of the respiratory system
  • numerous neurological complications
  • numerous psychosomatic complications



  • lack of independence in the scope of performing basic everyday activities
  • cancer
  • active tuberculosis
  • acute inflammations
  • infectious diseases
  • cardio-respiratory failure
  • unstable ischemic heart disease
  • unregulated blood pressure
  • uncontrolled diabetes
  • aneurysm of the heart and arteries
  • mental disorders
  • conditions with haemoptysis and conditions after recent haemorrhages
  • conditions after a recent stroke
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding period

Description of the place of stay 

An essential advantage of the Świeradów-Czerniawa Health Resort (Uzdrowisko Świeradów–Czerniawa Sp. z o.o.) is the fact that it is situated in a town with balneoclimatic qualities, surrounded by spruce forests, and with an exceptional climate as well as clean air, which allow to achieve the beneficial effects of the treatments.

Our natural resources include springs of mineral waters and radon waters. These springs provide ferruginous, radon, bicarbonate-magnesium-calcium sorrels, which are used for drinking treatments, mineral baths, inhalations, as well as hydrotherapy. The “Jan” spring constitutes the basis for systemic respiratory treatment. These sorrels are created from groundwater by saturation with carbon dioxide, in the conditions of high pressure and high temperature.

Due to its beneficial composition, this water provides an immunising effect and - via inhalation - it seals the vessels, as well as moisturises and dilutes the secretion retained in the bronchial tree. Furthermore, water from the "Jan" spring is characterised by properties that flush heavy metals from the body.

Moreover, it should be noted that we have many years of experience in the treatment of diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract, as well as diseases of the locomotor system.

The Świeradów Health Resort makes great use of its potential in terms of staff, nature and infrastructure, in order to offer effective therapeutic rehabilitation program.

The professional, experienced staff of physicians, including a pulmonologist, neurologist, specialist in medical rehabilitation, physiotherapists and other personnel of the Health Resort, ensures comprehensive nature as well as high quality of the provided services. Among others, this is confirmed by the ISO Quality Certificate


Scope of rehabilitation 

Physiotherapy treatments:

  1. Five treatments per day during treatment days (Monday - Saturday) - the final decision concerning quantity and type of treatments is made during the initial medical examination.
  1. We individually determine the rehabilitation program, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which include:

a.    therapeutic gymnastics treatments:

  • endurance workout (ergometer, treadmill)
  • breathing exercises
  • station-based training
  • general fitness exercises
  • pool gymnastics
  • drainage positions
  • drainage of the bronchial tree

b.    physical therapy:

  • natural inhalations
  • medication inhalations
  • emanation
  • electrotherapy
  • light therapy
  • magnetic stimulation

c.    hydrotherapy:

  • hydromassage

d.    therapeutic massage 

e.    balneological treatments:

  • therapeutic mud compresses
  • therapeutic baths

f.     psychosomatic activities:

  • relaxation
  • meditation
  • improvement of breathing
  • music therapy

Medical care:

Price of the stay includes:

  • 2 medical visits - at the start and end of your stay
  • emergency medical assistance throughout your stay
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • examination of your saturation level
  • physiotherapy consultation
  • psychological care 

Medical records are kept in compliance with the regulations in this scope.
Discharge summary reports are issued after completion of the treatment.


Length of this stay

The stays can be booked only in full 8-day (7 nights), 15-day (14 nights), 22-day (21 nights) stays or multiplicity of above-mentioned stays. The stays always start and end on Sundays. Recommended stay: at least 15 days.


We offer:

  • single and double rooms
  • full board (3 meals per day: breakfast and dinner in the form of a buffet, while lunch is served at the table - the stay always starts with a dinner on the day of arrival and ends with a breakfast on the day of departure)
  • this facility is adapted to the disabled people’s needs

Our advantages: 

  • professional staff
  • modern treatments
  • rich offer of therapeutic and rehabilitation treatments
  • therapeutic radon and spruce waters, which are unique on a European scale
  • centuries-old tradition of health resort therapy
  • attractive location - four mountain ranges are located nearby (Karkonosze Mountains, Izera Mountains, Kaczawskie Mountains, Rudawy Janowickie Mountain Range)
  • a church is located nearby
  • Wi-Fi is available within the Health Resort

Price of the package does not include:

  • resort tax in the amount of 6.00 PLN/day/person that must be paid after arrival.



Pets are not allowed in all facilities of Uzdrowisko Świeradów-Czerniawa Sp. z o.o. - Grupa PGU