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In the form of a decoction based on mineral water, spruce bark is used for spruce baths - one of the basic treatments in the Świeradów-Czerniawa Health Resort.

Spruce is mainly recommended for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory and nervous systems. Furthermore, it tightens the skin and provides a calming effect. The spruce needles and branches contain an essential oil, which consists of pinene, phellandrene, cadinene and other terpenes. These raw materials provide an expectorant effect and disinfect the skin.

There’s no doubt that natural methods of taking care of our body are becoming more and more popular. We become increasingly aware that pharmacological interference in our body is not always necessary, and it often results in much more side effects than benefits for our health. Spruce is characterised by many properties that support our body.

Above all, spruce is distinguished by warming, drying and astringent properties. All of this results from the essential oil contained in spruce, because conifers constitute an invaluable source of such oils. Spruce oil includes pinene, phellandrene and candidene. In addition, it also contains other substances, i.e. bitter substances, tannins, organic acids, sugars, vitamin C, as well as small amounts of vitamin K, which always has a positive effect. These substances are characterised by antibacterial, stimulating and regenerating properties, while in the case of an illness, they have diaphoretic and expectorant effect - adds our physician from the Świeradów Health Resort, who’s an expert in the field of balneological treatment. Moreover, spruce oil can be used in order to disinfect and refresh the air, e.g. during spruce baths. Also, it exhibits a slight aphrodisiac effect.

It is necessary to note that spruce baths help to cure many different diseases. Above all, they exhibit a desired effect in the case of various inflammations of the respiratory tract, including mouth and throat. Moreover, they are helpful in rheumatic pains and neuralgia, as well as counteract inflammation. It’s also necessary to emphasise that they improve blood supply, while providing the above-mentioned warming effect.

The spruce bark, which is necessary to prepare spruce baths, is obtained in the Borecka Forest, which is characterized by an exceptionally clean air. In order for the bark to be free of unfavourable microorganisms, it must be collected by May at the latest. Then, the process of bark steaming is used to obtain an extract, which is subsequently mixed with mineral water, while maintaining the correct proportions.

Moreover, spruce baths provide a beneficial effect in the case of all skin diseases, diseases of the nervous system, inflammation of the bladder and prostate hypertrophy. It’s worth to use them in order to restore the energy of your body and to draw necessary vital forces. Spruce baths should last from 10 to 15 minutes.